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Join us for the best country and the hottest dance party in Chicago. We are Chicago's top nightclub with a country feel, playing today's top country throughout the night and the best dance music after 10:30. The party starts at 6pm and goes all night long. We offer free line dance lessons every Wednesday, Friday ,Saturday & Sunday Starting at 7pm, and be sure to stick around as we flow into our roadhouse and top 40 dance party after 10pm. When you are ready to dance and party the night away, Saddle Up Saloon is the best place to be.


Madness is an understatement!  Saddle Up Saloon is excited to do something special for the month.  Starting March 1st through March 24th, everytime you enter into our venue, you can have a chance to participate in the March Money Madness event of March 25th, 2017.  You'll want to make sure to bring everything you need to register, so please be sure to contact the club at 630-585-8600 and ask for Jae. 


This contest is sponsored by 4440 West Ogden, Inc (Dba Saddle Up Saloon & Dancehall)  4440 West Ogden Ave. Aurora, IL 60504. Prizes awarded will be as follows: 1 mortgage payment up to $2,000.00, One rent payment for up  to $1,200.00, One car payment for up to $500.00, 1 credit card payment for up to $1,000.00, 1 daycare payment for up to $500.00, 1 cell phone bill payment for up to $150.00, 1 gym membership payment for up to $50.00. Odds:  The odds are based on the total number of submissions received which cannot be calculated in advance.  Eligibility requires that any and all participants be at least 21 years of age.  All bills must be submitted in person at 4440 West Ogden Ave. Aurora, IL 60504 by 1:00 am on March 25th. Bills must include name, address, phone number and email. Those bills not selected as a “winner” may be picked up on March 27th or any date after that.  Bills not picked up after 6 months will become the property of Saddle Up Saloon and will be discarded. Only current charges on any bill are eligible for payment.  Winners will receive checks made payable to the company for which the bill is due.No purchase necessary; a purchase will not enhance the odds of winning.  Participants may drop off their bills with the Manager in Charge during any night we are open for business.  Bills will be validated every hour on the hour beginning at 7pm.  Saddle Up Saloon offers free cover to all females on Wednesdays and free cover to all guests from midnight until 1:00am (W-Th-Su) and from 1:00am to 2:00am (Fri-Sat).  All winners will be  responsible for taxes on winnings when applicable.Employees of Saddle Up Saloon or any of its affiliate companies and/or their immediate relatives are excluded from participation.  Winners must be present to win on March 25, 2017.  Call 630-585-8600 for questions or more details.


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